Rafter Calculator

A Rafter Calculator is a useful tool in construction and woodworking to determine the dimensions and angles of rafters for roof framing. Here’s a general guide on how to use a Rafter Calculator:

Using the Rafter Calculator:

  1. Select Roof Type:

    • Identify the type of roof you are working on (gable, hip, shed, etc.).
  2. Enter Span Length:

    • Input the horizontal distance or span length of the roof. This is the distance from the outside edge of one supporting wall to the outside edge of the opposite supporting wall.
  3. Choose Roof Pitch:

    • Select the desired roof pitch. Roof pitch is usually represented as a ratio (e.g., 4:12, 6:12) or in degrees.
  4. Click “Calculate”:

    • Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the results.
  5. Review Results:

    • The calculator will provide information such as the rafter length, rise, run, and angles.
  6. Implement Results:

    • Use the calculated dimensions and angles to cut or install the rafters accurately.

Example: Let’s say you have a gable roof with a span length of 16 feet and a desired roof pitch of 5:12.

  1. Select “Gable Roof” on the calculator.
  2. Enter “16” feet as the span length.
  3. Choose “5:12” as the roof pitch.
  4. Click “Calculate.”

The calculator will provide you with information such as the rafter length, rise, run, and angles necessary for framing the roof.

The Rafter Calculator simplifies the process of determining rafter dimensions, making it easier to plan and execute roofing projects with precision. Always ensure that you follow local building codes and standards when working on roof framing projects.

Rafter Length:

Number of Studs:

Area: sq. ft

calculator for rafters
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