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A Guide to Building Wooden Crates from Reclaimed Wood


In a world that increasingly values sustainability, there’s a growing trend towards repurposing materials to create something new. One exciting DIY project that aligns with this ethos is building wooden crates from reclaimed wood.

Section 1: Selecting Reclaimed Wood

The foundation of any great project lies in the materials chosen. When it comes to reclaimed wood, the possibilities are as vast as the stories embedded in the grain. Seek out high-quality wood from old barn wood or repurposed pallets. The beauty of reclaimed wood lies in its unique characteristics, adding a touch of history and charm to your creations. I managed to acquire my wood through JunkAnd.com

Section 2: Tools and Materials

wood tools

Before diving into the construction, gather the necessary tools for the job. A saw, hammer, nails, and sandpaper are essential companions on this journey. Don’t forget safety gear to ensure a secure crafting experience. The versatility of reclaimed wood allows for customization, making it suitable for crafting crates of various sizes and styles.

Section 3: Planning Your Crate Design

Consider dimensions, slat spacing, and overall aesthetics. Sketching or planning your design beforehand ensures a smoother construction process. I decided to go with a short stackable design suitable for farmers’ market displays.

Section 4: Step-by-Step Construction

Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the heart of the project. Start by preparing and cutting the reclaimed wood according to your design. The assembly process should be meticulous, focusing on reinforcing corners for durability. Visual aids, such as diagrams or photos, can guide you through each step. Glue and brad nails are an excellent choice


Section 5: Finishing Touches

Elevate your wooden crate by choosing the right finish. Staining, painting, or varnishing can enhance both the aesthetics and longevity of your creation. Opt for finishes that are environmentally friendly and safe for both the wood and any items that will be stored in the crate. Or just leave them unfinished.

Section 6: Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Crates

crate slats

Building with reclaimed wood extends beyond the joy of crafting; it’s a commitment to sustainability. Highlight the positive environmental impact, the uniqueness each piece carries, and the cost-effectiveness of using reclaimed materials.


As you wrap up your wooden crate project, take a moment to appreciate the journey from selecting reclaimed wood to the finishing touches. Share your experiences and variations of the project with others. By choosing reclaimed materials, you’ve not only created a functional and aesthetically pleasing wooden crate but also contributed to a greener, more sustainable world.

cat in a crate

Happy crafting!

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